Web Design – A 24 Year History

Born in Dublin as Concept Corner Graphic Studio offering Design Services

1992 Moved to Dublin 3 and grew to 4 people and Invested in 1st Apple MAC II

1995 Moved to Dublin 1 and re-branded to Concept Design offering Design & Branding

1998 Bought own premises in D1 and rebranded to Concept Design Group

2000 Opened offices in London with Event Management services

2002 Rebranded to CDG and now operated in Dublin, London, Singapore & Boston

2003 Spun out 3Procure in Canada a HPSU with 1 million investment

2005 Moved closer to nature to new own premises in Dublin 15 after IP sale

2009 Rebranded to CDG Brand for Digital Branding and CRE8 for WEB Solutions

2013 CRE8 and CDG Brand serving companies in Europe, USA, AISA & CIS


Our Approach – Web Design

CRE8 is a specialist web design company with unique design and development expertise and online marketing know-how . We don’t just build websites we build client experiences that turn into working relationships that generate respect and value.

CRE8 have a thorough understanding of domestic and international markets. Our experience and expertise means that we can handle any job from initial strategy through to web design onto development and then final deployment.

Finally, our service level agreements kick into place once you go live along with our expert aftercare management.