Project Description

Savano Group supply window coverings, blinds and sun control systems which are designed to meet the highest international standards of quality, safety and comfort. With over twenty five years of dedicated experience in the commercial, industrial, public and hospitality sectors they have provided their clients and partners with a wide range of window coverings, blinds and services for every application. Savano offer customized solutions co-created with their clients and their support partners.

CRE8 produced all the branding and design, the content management system and all the onsite SEO. The CMS caters for multiple languages and the case studies section has a gallery that really helps the browser see the work completed by Savano to great detail. Savano Group worked with CRE8 with the financial aid of Enterprise Ireland on a scheme to help Savano Group export and grow their business. CRE8 are a recognized mentor and affilliate to Enterprise Ireland.