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As you know, the colour of your website and of your logo is important. But which colours have you to chose? This article explains the significance of each colour and can help you to make your choice.
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As you seek to design your logo, the preeminent question would be – are the colours you picked for it, the right one? And of course, the right colour of your logo will be able to set the mood and tone of the site. Mind you, some users and browsers are also very particular about logos. They are finicky at best and may just easily leave your web site after just a glance at your logo. Yes, it could make or unmake your web site’s ultimate success.

Here’s something that might help you in choosing the right colour of logo for your web site:

• Orange – a warm colour that connotes of tropical, luxury, passion and exotic things. The colour itself expresses enthusiasm, vibrant and expansive. Your logo may just captivate the right kind of attention once you use colour orange.

• Yellow – a colour that exudes intellect, faith, goodness and friendship. Yellow also vibrates optimism, happiness, idealism, and imagination. Unless your company does convey bright, cheery feelings that you are inclined to reflect in your logo, yellow could really work well as background colour.

• Blue – the most popular colour that convey peace and tranquillity, loyalty and fidelity, har-mony, trust and confidence. For those who are keen on using the 216 colour palette, blue is abundant in all shades. They can be excellent dominant colour for web site logos which con-vey the lighthearted and positive mood.

• Purple – a rich colour that exudes mystery, royalty and spirituality. For the unconventional, creative and prides themselves of being unique, your logo may work well with lavender in it. It also conveys justice and truth.

• Gray – connotes neutrality, stability and wisdom…

• White – it is the colour of cleanliness and purity, youth, simplicity, innocence, friendship and peace. White has become a very popular background colour in web sites, owing to the best readability it offers onscreen.

• Green – conveys neutrality, growth, money, humility and wisdom. It is a kind, generous colour and often a logical choice for financial sites and those that represent fertility, healing and ecology in many cultures.

• Black – as always have been considered a mournful, heavy and depressing colour. Although, it also connotes an air of detached elegance and sophistication and mystery.

• Red – considered as the hottest of all colours, it represents all things intense and passionate. It connotes danger, heat and fire, speed and zest, blood and excitement, competition and aggression. As such red can really be an annoying, disquieting or exciting colour depending on the intensity of its used in your logo.

So, all you need to do is go about and find the right colour that’s suitable and quite appealing enough. Do you already have your choice?