Flat Design – Is it trending again or just a fad ?

Inventor:  Allen Grinshtein, Layervault, who said that fighting neither for beautiful grades nor shades doesn’t attract him anymore.

This type of design is slowly taking over the market: Google, Microsoft and Apple have already made their mind up and decided to go with it. It can look a bit old-style but here works the law ‘the easier – the better’, so it is trendy again.


  1. There are no effects used in design: there’s absolutely nothing that helps a website look deep
  2. Elements of a website look nice and simple: icons, buttons are well seen and intuitively understood.
  3. Now fonts make a website look special and unusual, becoming the main attraction.
  4. All the previous laws about colours are ignored. Now 6 to 8 different bright colours can be used on one page.
  5. Minimalism – is the most suitable style for flat-design.

So, if you are interested in having a modern looking website with an intuitive, flat-design it’s definitely worth considering for the future proofing of your website ! If you feel like you would like to learn more then drop us a line we would be delighted to hear from you.

Some examples attached. What do you think ? Trending or Not ? Windows believe so and so does Apple !!!