How incredibly hard it is to find inspiration sometimes, you are talking to people, looking for fresh ideas but expected understanding of what to do next just doesn’t come. Every designer goes through creative crisis from time to time, let’s figure out how to get out of nothingness and start creating amazing design ideas.

1. Get some rest.

Rest – is probably the best way out of creative crisis. Fill your weekends with joy, take a vacation or meet with friends some evening. Forget about work for a few hours and enjoy your life. Do anything you get great pleasure from and your creative skills would come back to you.

2. Choose a different task.

If you are getting nowhere with your current task and have no idea how to achieve the goal, try to switch onto something else which will drag your mind away for a while, you will do something you couldn’t get to for a while and when you are back on track, you will find it easier to concentrate and will get more ideas.

3. Brainstorming.

If you have already tried everything, and there still are no changes and creative thoughts don’t come to you at all, this method is for you then. You can do it on your own or ask your colleagues to join. Switch your brain into generating ideas, don’t think how good or bad they are, just  shoot and write it all down, then have a look at the list. If this doesn’t help, at least you’ll rest and entertain yourself.

4. Music.

Some designers find it easier to work listening to music, some shared that listening to informational programs helps. Just try to put your headphones on and let some radio relax you and let you go deep in your thoughts into your current project.

5. Competition.

Going somewhere and have a look at others’ works, compare yours to theirs will probably bring your creativity up again.

6. Out&about.

Leave your office desk for half an hour and walk around the block few times. Look at people, listen to the wind, see those new ads on the road? Distract yourself with these things and you’ll find it easier to continue working when you are back to the office.

7. Healthy life style.

Normal 8-hour sleep + exercising will make it all work for you. It’s not healthy only but helps your brain work in the right direction as well. Find something you enjoy – yoga, dancing, martial arts, and exercise at least 2 a week. The result won’t make you wait for it for too long.

8. Look through your old ideas.

It doesn’t matter, whether they have been used or stayed in your notebook. Inspiration often finds you while going back in memories.

9. Comfort zone?

Go off your comfort zone. Try something new, intriguing and maybe even scary? Emotions from getting over something mad will take over and will definitely bring your mind to a new creative stage.

10. Brain exercising.

Your brain also need some training. Try to read some difficult book, train your logic and visualise more.

11. No ‘tomorrow’ or ‘later’.

Don’t postpone. Start here and now.

And if nothing helps – stop thinking about creative crisis and don’t keep yourself busy trying to find a way out. Just get on with stuff and you will feel your inspiration coming back!