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In this article you will learn how to maximise the impact of your brand over time to ensure that it remains modern and up to date, and why investing in good brand design will continue to underpin the vision of your business and your marketing strategy into the foreseeable future.
Your brand is the internal vision that your customer has of your company, product or service and it is the role of your logo to impart this vision into that mind and to maintain its presence there. In order to achieve this, history has taught us that there are some basic rules that must be adhered to and we will summarise these in the following paragraphs.
Uniqueness: What is unique about your business? How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors? It is essential that your brand should express this.
Simplicity: Simplicity is important and we will restate it here. For your brand to be memorable it must be simple and a test of this is after viewing it for only ten seconds it should be possible for to redraft it.

Benefits: Your brand should incorporate the essence of your business. You should consider what it is about your business you wish to convey and focus on this. If your business is sportswear, then you need to form the impression that by using your sportswear your customer will be more likely to achieve success.

Reproducibility: There are several practical issues to consider when designing your brand. It is important that it can be reproduced in different media (the Web, business cards, letter heads, posters etc.) and should maintain the essence of its message in both monochrome and colour. Talking to a branding professional who understands how to produce your logo in the correct formats can save you and your business great deal of time and money. It also ensures brand consistently across all media.

Longevity: If you’re serious about your business and its success for the long term – keep away from current trends and styles that will go out of fashion quickly. Your logo should be able to last for over a decade and still do its job. It should be both unique and timeless.

Redesign: Logo redesign can be counter-productive to your business and should be avoided. If you really need to carry out any redesigns, ensure that they are gradual and subtle or you risk losing any business or customer loyalty that has already been established. The need to redesign your logo can be avoided by getting some professional help (see below).

So…Does good brand design really matter?
If you are truly serious about being in business and ensuring that your business stands out in today’s fast moving and fast changing world then getting your brand identity right from the outset will not only save you time and money but will ensure that it will last for over a decade. Hiring a branding professional will ensure that you have a well-designed brand that will elevate your business status, solidify customer loyalty, and set the stage for all your future marketing activities so that your brand becomes the familiar and trusted face of your business.